Longer Term Lets

At Best of Brighton Holiday Lettings, we offer the flexibility to stay for as long or as little as you please!

We understand if you’re travelling on business, staying in hotels with limited space and flexibility can be a pain. Eating out every night, having to work round the hotels schedules, or being confined to one room, can make your business stay less enjoyable. So why not book a self-catering stay in one of our holiday home from homes.

Many of our customers who book longer term lets have many different reasons for picking self-catering properties. It could be they are between homes, temporarily working in the area, or relationship breakdown. Whatever the reason or length of stay, get in touch and we will strive to find a property for you.

We cater for students too! Brighton has a lot to offer everyone, including students with its thriving city centre offering the arts, historic buildings and constant variety of events. We have self-catering stays in Brighton and Hove, coastal Sussex and slightly further afield in rural Sussex. Our property portfolio ranges from 2 to 6 and some of our properties are situated close together, so we’re able to cater for groups of students during their stay.

Booking a self-catering property for your stay can offer you the space to relax after your working day. Accommodation can be booked for up to 28 days via our website however if you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Whether it’s a property which isn’t available for the duration of your stay or you’re wondering about the paperwork, you can contact us on 01273 308779 or enquiries@bestofbrighton.co.uk to find out the answers.

To start your search for your accommodation for longer term lets, click here.