Welcoming in the New Year

Published: Saturday 27th Dec 2014

Written by: Abi Radford

Christmas has been great this year – lots of quality family time, fantastic food, (too much food), and great presents too! Although the decorations will stay up for a while, and the food and drink will not run out for a couple of months, Christmas is over for another year. It is now time to turn our attention to the New Year. It can sometimes be a bit depressing when Christmas is over and all of the excitement has died down but I think that welcoming the New Year can be just as exciting.

Firstly there is New Year’s Eve to look forward to. New Year’s Eve is a night to be spent with friends and family to celebrate the year that has passed and welcome the New Year that is to come. I will be spending New Year’s Eve at a friend’s party but the nightlife in Brighton lends itself to a fantastic New Year’s Eve for those of you that want to get dressed up and go out dancing! Additionally, the pubs in Brighton put on special events for New Year’s Eve and there is always a great atmosphere around the City. Also Komedia – the underground comedy club – is putting on a New Year’s Eve special so that you can laugh your way into 2015.

Leaving behind the celebrations of New Year’s Eve there is the more serious matter of New Year’s resolutions to attend to. Many people see the New Year as a time to make certain changes in their life – whether it is to lose weight, or to spend more time with the family.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions I am quite bad at sticking to them – as are I am guessing a lot of you – and this is because I always aim too high with my expectations. This year, however, I am going to make a resolution that is achievable and this is the advice I would give anyone making a New Year’s resolution. Instead of aiming to cut out something from your diet (like chocolate), why not aim to cut down on how much you eat it? It is much more likely that you will stick to your resolution if it still makes you happy doing it rather than taking something away from yourself that you enjoy.

Alternatively, why not give yourself a New Year’s resolution that will help other people as well as make you happier? The charity Alcohol Concern encourage people every year to get sponsored to give up alcohol for January. This year Cancer Research UK have asked the public to take part in their Dryathlon with the same challenge. Why not see if you are up to the challenge – you will feel fitter, maybe lose weight, save some money and raise money for some very worthwhile charities.

If you can’t choose a New Year’s resolution maybe pick one from the list below:

Donate to a charity

Join a gym

Go and visit a family member more often

Go for a weekly walk to take in the scenery and clear your head

Watch less television and read a book instead

Aim to learn a new fact each week

Take up a new sport or hobby

Plan a trip

Make a bucket list for the year ahead and tick off each item before the end of the year (make sure that they are realistic things to do!)

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2015 brings you success and happiness.

Abi Radford



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