Playing Photographer in Brighton

Published: Saturday 28th Feb 2015

Written by: Abi Radford

Driving home from University earlier this week through the South Downs National Park it struck me how mild the weather was – that day I had carried my thick winter coat around with me having not needed to put it on at all. On certain days it definitely has felt like spring is on its way, not today though which is grey and miserable, and it has gotten me excited for the pending long sunny days! Whilst I was sat in the ‘going home’ traffic the sun was slowly going down and the light it was casting across the hills was stunning. I pulled over into a layby and took a photograph of the scene on my phone – so the picture wasn’t great quality – but it still looked impressive and I was reminded of how beautiful the place that I live is. The rolling hills either side of the road reminded me of the summer days that seemed to be getting closer and the brilliant walks that they allow. The same urge to photograph our city came as I was driving over the hill from Woodingdean towards the Brighton Racecourse last Saturday. Again the sun was just beginning to set on the horizon and the views across Brighton and out towards Worthing were spectacular. From that spot I could see across all of the buildings in Brighton, and the coast jutting out where Worthing is. Brighton is a very hilly city, and this hill is probably one of the best places to be able to view Brighton and its surrounding areas.

In addition to my amateur photographing around Brighton last week, our fantastic Suzanne had also send me a photograph that she had taken of a starling formation over Brighton Pier the previous week (which was uploaded to our Facebook page and also tweeted by BBC Sussex!) It is a spectacularly well timed shot, which made the bird formation look like a giant fish against the backdrop of the reddening sky! Quite ironic as the picture was taken above the sea, and also a few minutes away from Brighton’s Sea-Life Centre. It just proves that you do not have to be a professional photographer, with all the fancy equipment, to get some exciting and rare photographs of the place you live. Despite being a city there are some fantastic wildlife photographs that can be taken in Brighton and the surrounding areas – as this photo clearly shows!

Brighton in the summer time is amazing – there really is no place that I would rather be every day. I occasionally get my phone out and take photographs of the varying landscapes to remind myself of how lucky I am to live in such a place! It is commonplace for people to take photographs when they are on holiday and I guess I take photos of Brighton when the sun is out because it really does feel like being on holiday! Anyone can be a photographer - it is fun, and really makes you appreciate the place around you - so give it a go!

Abi Radford



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