Stamner Park

Published: Saturday 2nd May 2015

Written by: Abi Radford

This week I visited Stamner Park, one of Brighton’s best outdoor places, and realised just how many fantastic green spaces there are in the City to explore. With Preston Park, Queens Park, Wilde Park, and Stamner Park within a few miles of one another there certainly is plenty of choice! With the beautiful weather that we are having comes brilliant opportunities to go and spend some time outdoors. Stamner Park has always been a favourite of mine with its beautiful hilly scenery, and woodland walks and I have some very fond memories of spending whole days there with my family no matter what season, come rain or shine! The Pelham family bought the Stamner Estate in 1713 and built the Manor House which still stands today. The estate is steeped in history and contains a Grade 2 listed Stable Block and sixteen Grade 2 listed buildings and is still used today as a working farm (meaning vising the cows is another selling point for the children!) The park was made available to the public in 1953 and has been enjoyed by many since then!

In the summer Stamner Park is full of families and friends, having picnics or barbeques, playing sports, or lazing around in the sun, and it definitely sets the precedent for what summer is all about! Going for walks through the woodland is fun for all ages and I remember as a child building forts out of the sticks and attempting to climb the trees! There is even a badger sculpture that has been carved out of a fallen tree - go and see if you can find it! Stamner Park is utilised for various events such as fundraising runs like Race for Life, festivals such as Shakedown and the Kite festival, and local club sporting matches in season. The Grade 1 listed Manor House, which has been recently renovated, also boasts a number of annual events as well as a fantastic restaurant and tea rooms – so there is certainly always something happening in the park to keep you entertained through summer!

It really is true that nothing beats spending time outside in the countryside and with this fantastic amenity right on the doorstep of the city centre there is nothing standing in your way of doing so! Make the most of the spring weather, pack up a picnic, and go and explore the multitude of parks that Brighton has to offer!

Abi Radford



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