Brighton i360 Construction

Published: Wednesday 10th Jun 2015

Written by: Abi Radford

On Thursday June 11 the building of the Brighton i360 will begin! The Brighton i360 will be a 162 metre high observation tower that will offer spectacular views across the city. Situated on the promenade opposite the burnt down West Pier this contemporary attraction will be a complete contrast to the shell of the old pier! The structure has been designed by a Dutch steelwork specialist and will provide Brighton with another impressive attraction.

Arriving from Shoreham at about 5am barges containing huge steel cans that will form the main structure of the tower will dock by the West Pier. A huge yellow crane will then transport the cans from the barge onto the beach at the site where the structure will go up.

The unloading of the steel cans is expected to last all day and the organisers are expecting a large turn-out of people to come and watch. An information stall will stand near the site and there will also be a local band named Steel Strum to keep the pedestrians entertained! Local cafes will also be open earlier to provide onlookers with refreshments whilst they watch.

This will be an exciting day for anyone interested in construction, cranes, or the tower and there will be lots going on so it will be well worth having a look!

Abi Radford



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