Reeves and Mortimer Visit Brighton!

Published: Saturday 9th Jan 2016

Written by: Abi Radford

If you are looking for a good laugh this February then head to the Brighton Centre to see the famous comedy double act Reeves and Mortimer! The tour: ‘25 Years of Reeves and Mortimer: The Poignant Moments’ will be a celebration of the first 25 years of their collaboration as comedians. It is their first tour since 1995 - therefore book your tickets soon as they will sell out quickly! The date is Sunday 14th February at 6:30pm - a great way to spend Valentine's Day this year!

Reeves and Mortimer gained fame during the 1990s with their popular TV shows: Vic Reeves Big Night Out, Smell of Reeves & Mortimer, Bang, Bang It’s Reeves & Mortimer and Shooting Stars. They are currently making the second series of their sitcom House of Fools. They created a status for themselves during this time as ‘the alternatives to alternative comedy’ and they have hugely influenced British comedy over the years.

Their style is unique and often verges on the bizarre. Their sketches often involve cartoonish slapstick, witty banter and rapid-fire jokes. The audience can hope to see a glimpse of their favourite characters: Man With the Stick, The Stotts, Mulligan and O’Hare amongst many more. Thier exaggerated style will have those that know them in fits of laughter, and new fans will be made!

To be a part of this hotly anticipated and nostalgic tour make sure that you get your tickets for the Brighton Centre soon!

Abi Radford



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