British Airways i360

Published: Monday 6th Feb 2017

Written by: Elliot Hatt

Written by Elliot Hatt

One of the newest additions to Brighton is the British Airways i360 observation tower, and I had the pleasure (despite prior jitters!) of taking a ‘flight’ on it recently. Designed by the same people behind the London Eye, the i360 opened in August 2016 and stands at a whopping 162 metres. This makes it the world’s tallest moving observation tower (and it felt like it too!).

After buying your tickets (at a reasonable £15 for adults) at what appears to be an airport check-in desk complete with employees in full British Airways gear, you enter the waiting area where you are patted down and scanned with a metal detector. At this point you could be forgiven for thinking you were about to go on holiday! You are offered a picture at this stage before you can take a seat and watch the previous flight, although not being the biggest fan of heights I decided it was best to keep my mind off it in the gift area.

The viewing pod itself is really spacious and allows for 360 degree views of Brighton and it is claimed up to 26 miles away, although the foggy winter weather didn’t allow for this! The pod is complete with a Sky Bar serving Nyetimber sparkling wine to sip on during your flight, and given that it was Halloween weekend, we were being served by Dracula and his wife!

It took around 10 minutes to ascend and the same on the way down, plus around 15 being suspended at the top. The views of Brighton, the Downs and the sea really are amazing, and I would definitely recommend taking a flight as the sun is setting as I was lucky enough to enjoy!

This is definitely one to add to your to-do list when in Brighton, and despite a few little bumps on the way up, even those with a fear of heights will enjoy this (although I was relieved to get two feet back on solid ground!).

Elliot Hatt



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