British Science Festival

Published: Monday 4th Sep 2017

Written by: Elliot Hatt

From the 5th-9th September, the British Science Festival will take place in Brighton, offering an array of free events for the public to attend. The festival is the longest-established science Festival in Europe, and this year returns to Brighton for the first time since 1983. Events take place throughout the centre and on the campuses of the city’s two universities, which are co-hosting the festival. With over 150 free events to choose from, we have selected a few highlights to get you started.

One unique activity that should not be missed is the Celestial Shopping Centre whereby Churchill Square is turned into a daytime planetarium which allows you to immerse yourself in the cosmos! Alternatively, a great event to enjoy with friends is the Rebuild Brighton simulation games, in which you will follow maps and clues to rebuild the city and help survivors in the wake of an environmental disaster.

There is also a chance to explore a side of Brighton that you will never have seen before, such as the Dead and Buried Tour which offers an historical insight into Woodvale Cemetery while you consider human attitudes to death. Or if you are feeling brave, the Brighton Sewer Tour allows you the chance to explore the sewage tunnels running beneath the city.

The festival also offers the opportunity to exercise your academic mind and ponder some of life's biggest questions with a number of captivating talks happening over the week. Consider the implications of artificial intelligence in AI: Past, Present and Future, or explore the difficult choices posed by scientific advances in the Ethics of Human Gene Editing, or examine cryogenic freezing in the Prospect of Immortality.

On the evening of the 8th September researchers, artists and entertainers will put on a host of experiments and games at the Brighton Pier Takeover. You could learn all about gravity whilst taking a ride on the Crazy Mouse roller coaster, or explore the wonders of the stars through a telescope. On the 9th September New Road is transformed into Sci Street, with ‘brain games’ and a bus full of creepy crawlies to keep you entertained - or freaked out! If you like a drink with your science then the Lanes After Dark might be the best option as some of Brighton’s best bars and pubs host an evening of scientific activities.

With all these events taking place and many more, you will be sure to find plenty of science-based fun to keep you entertained!

Elliot Hatt



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