NoFit State Circus

Published: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Walking towards the distinct circus tent I was somewhat sceptical of the events that would follow since the floods of people going to see the show mainly consisted of younger children. However, walking through the entrance gates I felt I had been transformed into a different world, the people checking my ticket were dressed in Victorian waistcoats and caps creating a greatest showman vibe.

Inside the tent there was almost a creepy atmosphere, walking to find my seat I felt like I was being watched by strange performers sitting under the stands, knitting and rocking in chairs, however creepy the layout, it was certainly intriguing.

Once the performance started I knew that my assumptions of this circus being your average Zippo’s was not correct, the strange way in which the performers surprised the audience was spectacular, and I felt myself gripping my seat, in shock, at regular intervals. Not only was it incredible to watch, but the acts felt frankly law-defying and I still don’t understand how some performances were even possible. The incredible live music that accompanied the acts gave a raw atmosphere to the occasion and accurately represented the effort and talent that had gone into it.

The NOFit State Circus, it is safe to say, was a breath-taking show and gave me a taste of the kind of events in the May festival. Definitely a 10 out of 10!

Written by Olivia Thompson