Brighton Food and Drink

When it comes to food and drink, Brighton really is a destination that has it all, remaining at the forefront of bringing you some of the best quirky cafes, pubs, restaurants, bars and supper clubs around. The streets are dotted with fabulous eateries and pubs, whether you’re looking for a place on a budget or would rather splurge -there really is something for everyone. We have to tell you from experience there’s just too much to mention when it comes to superb food and drink outlets in Brighton. So we’re going to highlight a few of our favourites and let you discover the rest, but if it’s a foodie retreat you’re after you really won’t go far wrong in Brighton!


The Casual Diner

From fish and chips on the beach in the afternoon to an evening spent in a burger joint there’s plenty on offer for the casual diner. Lucky Beach on the seafront and The Temple Bar on Western Road are burger bars which fit the bill, with a mouth-watering array on offer including a vegetarian option they are a must visit for us. Or try Iydea at Kensington Gardens who offer a scrumptious purely vegetarian menu café style for visitors on a budget.

When it comes to fish and chip shops there’s a whole host around that a worth a visit and in the office we haven’t even come close to agreeing which one, though we do have one tip there are some brilliant ones that don’t find themselves along the seafront! There’s also a mouth-watering selection of traditional pubs serving up tasty pub classics so be sure to keep an eye out for them and give it a try. Looking for a flavour of the east? Well you won’t be disappointed in Brighton, there’s a remarkable amount of choice. From Japanese at Pompoko on Church Street to Indonesian at Warung Tujuh at Pool Valley and everything in-between you’re sure to find an eclectic mix of continental foods to suit your taste buds.

The Fine Diner

Enjoy fine dining at its best and be spoilt for choice by what Brighton has to offer byway of gourmet food. Not only is there a range of popular modern British cuisine outlets to choose from there’s also a wonderful assortment of European and continental restaurants to discover.

For a modern British menu head over to Graze restaurant on Western Road who offer a range of appetizing dishes with a contemporary twist. Or become adventurous with the Terre à Terre restaurant who serves exciting vegetarian food executed a little different; even for an avid meat eater this incredible restaurant is worth a try. For lovers of spice the Chili Pickle on Jubilee Street is a modern restaurant offering up some scrumptious authentic curries- forget the flavourless Korma this place knows how to cook a curry! Or try Gars on Prince Albert Street who serve a delectable selection of Chinese food in a delightful restaurant setting which is sure to leave you wanting to come back again and again.

The Group Diner

Whether you’re looking for places to dine as a large group or love the friendly atmosphere where sharing a table is encouraged, the sociable spirit of Brighton is great for growing these interactions. From the various supper clubs that are ran throughout the city like CanTina Brighton (group bookings also welcome!) to the variety of brilliant restaurants and cafes that are more than happy to welcome you and all of your party. Brighton is the perfect place to watch friendships new and old blossom, so whatever type of dining style you’re looking just enquire and the majority of establishments will be happy to welcome your group booking.


Brighton has within it a wonderful range of bars, juice bars, clubs, coffee shops, pubs and tea rooms serving both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, ranging from your casual pub pint to the meticulously made cappuccino. Many of the brilliant restaurants and cafes around serve equally brilliant drinks alongside their menus, so we recommend going there for your first stop, but if you’re just too thirsty to wait until then there’s plenty of places to visit whether you’re looking for a casual drink or a more sophisticated affair.

The Casual Refreshment

For relaxed refreshment you could find yourself in anything from a traditional British inn to a more trendy European style café/bar. Many will be serving a large range of wonderfully roasted coffee, loose leaf teas, refreshing juices, real ales and craft beers- the craze for good drinks that has swept the UK has been sure not to miss Brighton. Brighton Beer Dispensary on Dean Street is a good place to stop if you like you’re craft ale, along with your food! It serves 10 ales on hand-pump along with a wide-range of other refreshments including cider. It’s run by the local real ale brewery Brighton Bier so you’ll be sure to be able find to find their brews here.

Fancy a non-alcoholic tipple? Sit back and relax in one of the many amazing coffee houses found within the streets of Brighton & Hove. Look out for the Small Batch Coffee Company who have shops dotted around the city and their own roastery because blimey they make a good cup of coffee.

If coffee’s not something you enjoy why not try out a juice bar (LoveFit Café on Brighton Square have scrumptious smoothies), or a tea room (The Tea Cosy on George Street has a brilliant selection of teas to choose from, including afternoon tea!).

The Late Night Refreshment

When the evening draws closer for many visiting a bar or club may be on the cards and again there are plenty of those to choose from in Brighton. There’s a place within the city to suit you whether you’re looking for relaxed or lively atmosphere!

Be At One is delicious cocktail bar found on Castle Square, expect to find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails up for grabs and with over 120 to choose from there’s bound to be something you like. Head over to Bohemia a café and late night lounge offering a roof top terrace and terrific view of the Lanes, as well as a jazz lounge evening every Thursday which we recommend booking!

Or why not head out to one of the many clubs that find their homes within with music from Cuban salsa to heavy rock, the diverse culture that influences Brighton brings with it an array of nightlife. There really is so much just waiting to be discovered within Brighton & Hove, the only thing we can suggest is to get out there and explore!