Eastbourne Heritage Coast

Eastbourne is located on a remarkable part of the Sussex coastline. From sweeping coastal scenery of chalk cliffs and shingle sands, bold and brilliant town architecture, to beaches perfect for lazy family days, this part of Sussex has something to keep everyone happy!

Victorian Seaside Glamour

Eastbourne was a thriving seaside town. Wealthy holiday makers would grace the promenade in their finest holiday garb, and families would enjoy donkey rides, deck chairs, and all the fun of the seaside! Today the town is a holiday haven, not as busy as Brighton and Hove to the West, but is a popular destination where people can enjoy a beach break, shopping, eating, and exploring local attractions.

It’s worth taking the time to walk around Eastbourne to admire the different types of architecture. Over the years the town has been built upon by whomever has settled there and evidence of this can be seen as far back as the Roman era. The majority of the town is Victorian build, but since then the town has continued to grow. Even the mid century architecture, such as St Mary’s Church in Hampden Park has proved of interest to visitors, being on of the UK’s first postwar buildings to be “listed”.

Heritage Coast

Since the Victorians bucked the trend for trips to the seaside Eastbourne has been a popular destination for visitors. There a number of beaches to consider when staying in the area, each with their own characteristics attracting their own type of beach goer!

Families can enjoy the safety of the life-guarded beach at the Grand Parade. People looking to enjoy an active beach will find watersports and sailing at Redoubt. For those who just want to enjoy the tranquility of being by the sea may like the quieter Harbour Reach beaches.

Beachy Head is around three miles away, and marks the start of the South Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You’ll treasure memories of this beautiful location with its towering white chalk cliffs and shingle beaches, overlooked by the sea and a solitary red and white lighthouse. This area is also part of the Sussex Heritage Coast which stretches across to Seaford Head. Many visitors enjoy spending time out in the elements and taking in the sights and sounds of this unique coastal landscape, it’s ideal for walking.